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For curious minds

Rabén & Sjögren


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From 1946 to 1970, Rabén & Sjögren , under the editorial and publishing leadership of Astrid Lindgren, revolutionised the landscape of children’s literature. They introduced a new approach to writing for children, featuring authors who told unconventional, groundbreaking and imaginative stories that had never been explored before. It was making Rabén & Sjögren, still to this day, Sweden's leading publisher of children’s books.

To showcase the exciting journey into a universe of original stories, inventive authors, and imaginative illustrators, we brought life to the concept “For Curious Minds”. Vibrant and brimming with curiosity, it’s a visual expression that mirrors the boundless reading adventures of curious minds.


Visual Identity, Digital Identity, Design System, Website Design, Graphic Production, Social Media Production, Fair Stand Production, Web Development, PIM Setup, System Architecture by Grebban. The solution is built on GrebCommerce™️ with Norce.