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State of the art agency for ambitious brands with global ambitions

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About us

Developing brands and designing e-commerce experiences for committed and ambitious client

Branding, design & e-commerce agency. Helping brands and retailers with strategy and business development combined with amazing design and state of the art web development. Headless, E-commerce Design & DTC specialists. Scaling ambitious brands globally.







Why Grebban

Why do our clients choose to work with us?

The perfect combination of strategy, execution, creativity and technology

E-commerce & DTC specialists

Project Management that delivers on time and budget

Fashion, lifestyle, beauty, sports & interior design focus

Headless & API/MACH architectures pioneers

Focus on quality, not quantity of customers

Entrepreneurial, fast, agile & adaptive

No outsourcing

E-commerce design specialists for UX & UI

World-class branding & design

Proven and scalable system architecture

Combining highly strategic competence with world-class execution

Who should partner with us

Grebban is one of the most sought after agencies in Europe and works mainly with ambitious brands seeking long-term partnerships. We have a very high success rate in creating fantastic business value for our clients.

Brands going DTC e-commerce

E-commerce & retailers

Ambitious brands that want to renew their visual identity (no matter industry)

Brands seeking advice and strategy for e-commerce

Brands looking to partner with Centra as the e-commerce platform

Retailers looking to partner with Storm as the e-commerce platform

Brands looking to partner with Shopify as the e-commerce platform

Brands looking for the no1 e-commerce design agency in the world

Companies wanting help with design services online and offline

PE/VC & investment firms

Born in Sweden — Global presence

Grebban is a Swedish company with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. With global ambitions, we work with clients all over Scandinavia, Europe and the world.

We are proud of our culture, offices and roots. Please feel free to visit us and feel the vibe, grab a coffee or enjoy our team's fantastic competence. Over the next few years, we are establishing ourselves in Copenhagen and other enjoyable cities. Feel free to let us know if you want to be our first hire there!


Viktoriagatan 16
411 25 Göteborg
Viktoriagatan 16
411 25 Göteborg


Lilla Bantorget 11
111 23 Stockholm
Lilla Bantorget 11
111 23 Stockholm

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