No Ordinary Scent

Capturing your essence through science

No Ordinary Scent


  • Brand Platform
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Identity
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Packaging Concept
  • Packaging Design

No Ordinary Scent is a technological perfumery founded 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. They combine their expertise in the science of scents with AI to help you capture your essence.

Scent is our most personal sense. Our brains form strong associations between the scents that surround us and the feelings we are experiencing. This is how different smells can trigger different sensations on each person. Scent is, therefore, very closely connected to our essence.

With the challenge of how to communicate and bridge the contrasting worlds of tech and scents, we collaborated on bringing life to a fully new visual identity, e-commerce design, product and packaging design.