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Since 1823 Norstedts has established itself as Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious publishing house. Grebban created a visual identity that merges the best of Norstedt's legacy with contemporary and modern influences.


With the emergence of new digital players and alternative media, traditional publishers like Norstedts are finding it difficult to attract readers and retain their market share. The objective was to maintain Norstedts's strong position in the publishing industry by becoming relevant and appealing to modern readers and writers, while also preserving the legacy of a 200 year old publishing house.

The visual identity is inspired by the iconic building of the publishing house, mixing it with modern design influences. Traditional techniques, ornate typography, hand drawn graphics and moody colors meets modern influences such as dynamic type settings, clean lines, asymmetrical shapes and bright colors. Resulting in a unique identity that appeals to both the past and present, physical and digital.

Grebban developed the concept "A legacy for the future" as a tribute to the past, as well as a reminder of Norstedt's role in shaping the literature of the future.

Since the launch of Norstedts’s new visual identity and website the number of visits on site has increased by 18% and organic search has increased by 64%. These positive trends are expected to continue in the future, leading to more growth and a stronger digital presence.