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A genuine dedication to craftsmanship, timelessness, and sustainability has established Boomerang as a symbol of quality since the start in 1976. Together with Grebban, Boomerang launches a new Brand Identity and e-commerce experience to communicate the legacy of their brand and the true value of their products.


Boomerang seamlessly blends functionality and style to create garments that endure life's adventures, with the Scandinavian lifestyle and the Swedish archipelago as a guiding philosophy. The driving force of Boomerang has always been to inspire and encourage conscious consumption. Their passion lies in the right choice of materials, details, and craftsmanship – in all steps of the production, and is deeply rooted in Boomerang’s DNA – but sometimes fails to be communicated to its fullest extent.

When Boomerang reached out to Grebban, one of the key challenges they were facing was to effectively communicate the authentic value of their products – and in turn, increase conversion rate and engagement across all devices, as well as brand awareness among a younger audience.

The response and feedback have been very, very positive, wich feels comforting when making such an investment in presenting our brand's core values in a digital context!

Karin Salegård, CEO, Boomerang

Key Objectives

The project involved a comprehensive modernization of the brand. The scope included an update of their visual identity to reinforce the brand's legacy and a revitalized imagery brought to life in collaboration with Mud Studios.

Our mission also included redesigning Boomerang’s digital flagship store on their current platform Centra, and creating a new customer-focused e-commerce experience. A pre-study on customer needs was conducted in the initial design phase, paving the way for coming design batches. Furthermore, long-term collaboration was initiated through our design subscription to enrich the customer experience through constant optimisation, content creation, and design support.

Some of the key objectives for the E-commerce were to

  • Reinforce brand essence
  • Increased engagement and conversion, with a focus on mobile
  • Bring in new customers and build loyalty
  • Higher percentage who buy at full price
  • Improved SEO and search functionality
  • Client being able to work flexible in the CMS

Rooted in the essence of simplicity, the identity celebrates “the scandinavian blue”, evident in carefully chosen color palettes paired with thoughtfully curated typography bearing both minimalistic and characteristic values.

Our Solution

Brand Identity

The updated Boomerang visual identity draws inspiration from a rich legacy of simplistic fashion and the captivating beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago. With a dedicated following since the start in 1976 we needed to treat the classic visual elements with respect but at the same time modernize leaning against Boomerangs core values quality and craftmanship.

Rooted in the essence of simplicity, the identity celebrates “the scandinavian blue”, evident in carefully chosen color palettes paired with thoughtfully curated typography bearing both minimalistic and characteristic values. The newfound visual expression of Boomerang articulates a blend of timeless minimalism and unique charm without losing its touch with a long heritage.

E-commerce Design

Once more, simplicity was of the essence while designing the new e-commerce experience. The site aims to inspire and guide while letting the products take center stage. It provides room to communicate the authentic product value in terms of product details, quality of materials, precise fit, and sustainability in production. This is done with a genuine brand presence that radiates warmth and trust, honoring the long tradition of craftsmanship that characterizes Boomerang as a brand.

Tech Setup

The site was developed with the power of GrebCommerce. The technology stack included technologies such as React together with a headless Wordpress solution as content management system. The project also included implementation of new features but also reuse of Centra which is a powerful e commerce plattform and long lasting common partner.

We teamed up with Algolia to optimise features like search, filtering, and features as merchandising on category listing pages. With the help of Algolia we have been able to further optimise the website performance, database indexing, and at the end of the day help the end consumer to find what they are looking for.

All of the following services are carefully selected depending on what will bring the most effect. Our mission was not only to implement a new tech stack, but to implement selected technologies with the purpose of boosting sales, site performance, SEO and accessibility.

  • Centra and GrebCommerce
  • React
  • Wordpress (Headless)
  • Algolia (Search, Filter & Merchandising and more)
  • Klarna
  • Rule (CRM)
  • Ingrid (Shipping)


We began our collaboration with a dream session, a visionary workshop aimed at gaining insight into Boomerang’s vision, challenges, target audience, and needs, as well as the scope of the project. The most important goal for this session is to dream together about what an optimal e-commerce experience could be for Boomerang.

The design production phase is initiated with research and conceptual ideas. Alongside the outcomes from the dream session, we present a visual direction and establish measurement goals. We work through our ideas in batches to ensure rapid progress in both design and technology, always running in parallel.

As development progresses towards the goal, we prioritize quality assurance to ensure a top-class UI/UX experience.


Boomerang's e-commerce platform has been transformed into a seamless, user-centric experience that aligns perfectly with their brand values. The client can now easily publish rich shopping and branded content on every page, drive SEO, and communicate their philosophy and values.

As the project had a tight deadline, we chose to go live with a slightly stripped-down version 1. With a long-term partnership ahead of us with our design subscription offering, we will now focus on analyzing and optimizing the e-commerce platform with more conversion-driving features aimed at simplifying and guiding the customer through the purchase journey.

Design Subscription

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