Björn Borg

Positioning an icon as the face of active and attractive

Björn Borg


  • Digital Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • System Architecture


  • Centra
  • GrebCommerce

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The transformation of a strong, iconic and analog brand — Introducing the new Björn Borg experience. The work includes a brand new, up to date E-commerce alongside a major brand identity update. True to the heritage and iconic history that lies within the brand, now showing Björn Borg in its true colors as active and attractive in the world of sports and fashion.


“We use our heritage in tennis as an esthetic starting point, the end result is contemporary”

Grebban and Björn Borg teamed up in order to strategically expand their e-commerce philosophy and establish a new digital architecture to encompass the brand’s aspiration and future. The new brand experience should highlight the concept ”Active & Attractive” - adding individualism to the perfect match that is sport and fashion, in a contemporary mindset and visual manner.

”Grebban has managed to capture the essence of our brand and build an e-commerce that has taken our flagship store into the digital sphere. Each step of the process has kept a high level of creativity and Grebban really interpreted our core values correctly. We are very pleased to partner up with such a creative and efficient agency.”

Robin Salazar, Global E-com Director Björn Borg

We created a natural and truthful color palette that takes inspiration from the brands core history. The palette is a contemporary and scandinavian take on the traditional colors found in tennis courts. What is striking, is the functionality in the colors themselves. They are similar in grading, but when placed next to each other they are distinctly different.

Aktiv Grotesk’s compatibility with the concept “Active & Attractive” is striking. The neutrality, contemporary feel, utilitarianism, and seriousness makes it a perfect match — carrying both the world of fashion and sports under its arms. The fonts takes an authoritative but neutral position, lending any message just enough support without overpowering it.

The updated brand identity across all channels alongside the implementation of a state of the art e-commerce, manifests Björn Borgs number one spot as the face of active and attractive.