GrebSummit™ 2022 - from the beach to the vineyard

In September 2022, we gathered the Grebban team for GrebSummit™ in Gothenburg. This year's summit had the theme "inclusivity", and we had both workshops and teambuilding activities, but at the core mostly a lot of fun!

Grebban has always been a company with offices and employees in different cities. Therefore we have a tradition of minimum annually having an event where we gather the whole team somewhere for fun, party and workshops. Starting in 2022, we call this annual event GrebSummit™. This year it was a two-day event in and around Gothenburg, the office where we have the most employees (over 80!). It was two days (and long nights...) with workshops, teambuilding activities, beautiful surroundings, mingling, music, dinners, wine tastings and, of course, an epic after-party!

It started with beach volleyball, a great team-building activity where the teams were switched between every match to make everyone bond with as many colleagues as possible.

The core of Grebban is, and will always be the team. We take great pride in the fact that every individual team member of Grebban truly contributes to our collective knowledge and empowering warm spirit – even on the rainiest days. By taking the time to nurture our team culture, align our core values and create great memories together, we believe the team will keep growing even stronger. And why not have a great time together while doing so?

M/S Kungsö took us on a trip through the beautiful archipelago of Gothenburg, with cinnamon buns and a lot of coffee (well-needed for the hangover for some team members).

The destination was Långedrag Värdshus for workshops, lunch and a photo session. The inclusivity workshop focused on what every team member could do in their everyday work life to be more inclusive. So many great ideas and thoughts!

Since the corona pandemic, we have tripled our team, and with that, this type of event truly is a meeting place to meet and connect with both old and new friends. Grebban is a company with social at its core, and one of our mission is for team members to find colleagues (and clients) they will connect with and be friends with for life.

We believe that to be able to accomplish great things; we need to love to be with each other.

Our dinner venue was nothing less than the first urban winery in the Nordics – Wine Mechanics, located some minutes outside central Gothenburg. Within 48 hours after harvest, grapes from Europe’s foremost vineyards are transported to Gamlestaden, where the intense work of crushing, pressing and fermenting begins. After a walkthrough of the winery, its history, and its production processes, we had a wine tasting alongside excellent food and outstanding company - followed by a fantastic afterparty at the Grebban Gothenburg office. We even had a jazz band playing for us!


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