Welcome Linda Widengård – new Business Director at Grebban

We welcome Linda Widengård to our Grebban team as the new Business Director. Linda is joining us from Holy Comms and will be responsible for sales and developing Grebban's offering - both current markets and new ones.

Hi Linda, welcome to Grebban! How have your first few weeks been?

Thank you! My first weeks at Grebban have been inspiring, busy and fun. I am overwhelmed by so many nice and talented people - and it has felt like home from day one. It is high season and we have big plans forward.

Why did you want to work at Grebban? What was it that made you excited about the opportunity?

How can you not?! Haha! The answer is that Grebban is an agency with an impressive history, but it is likely the beginning from my point of view. Grebban has chosen to maintain the niche as a state-of-the-art design and e-commerce agency instead of the full-service agency trend we can see developing in our industry, which gives us a unique position. When others go broad and local, we go niche and global.

On a personal level, I already felt from my first meeting with Anton (founder and CEO) that I really share Grebban’s philosophy, which is important to me. I have always been a person who works with the brain as much as the heart.

What are some of the key initiatives and responsibilities you will work with at Grebban?

I am responsible for the sales and development of our offer, both current markets and new ones. This means I have the honor of being one of the first faces our new clients meet at Grebban. One key project is to ensure that we grow faster globally and aim to become a global agency in our niche. It has been a successful organic process for Grebban, and I am excited to see what happens now when we do it more structured!

Is there something about Grebban you have realised since you joined that you don't think others don't know either?

A little bit cheesy but in fact I realised very soon that Grebban actually is as nice internally as we say externally. As a consulting (and creative) agency, the people are the most important resources, and well-being and a friendly environment is the key to great delivery.

Business wise I have already seen that thanks to our work with so many brands and partners, Grebban has deep insights in the e-commerce industry and the opportunity to guide and support our clients in a unique way.

In the first few weeks, we had a lot of dialogue about the topic of e-commerce design. Why do you think e-commerce design is an exciting business development opportunity for brands?

First of all, from my point of view is not only exciting, it is necessary. E-commerce design is a hot topic! The current market conditions show us that is tough out there and the last golden years are on pause. With that said, the landscape will change rapidly in the upcoming years, and the winners are the ones that realize that a great e-commerce design and a strong brand are necessary. Our idea is to design and build e-commerce experiences that combine the best of both brand and conversion.

You will not only work in Sweden but for other key markets for Grebban such as Denmark and the UK. What are some of the events where people can meet up with you there?

Exactly! Denmark and the UK are target markets and we are going to have a current presence in both Copenhagen and London during 2023. Ahola at me if you want to meet up! For example, we will be in London beginning of June at Vervaunt Pulse E-commerce Summit and in Copenhagen in October for the biggest e-commerce event in Denmark arranged by Dansker Hverv.

What (non-fiction) book or article do you recommend Grebban's followers to read?

As a woman, leader, and mother of a daughter - Moment of lift by Melissa Gate.

A side note on that - I highly recommend starting a book circle with colleagues or friends who are in the same business or have the same interests. All books and articles are much more useful if they are able to be discussed. And it is a smart and effective way for business, pleasure, and new perspectives!

Do you want to know more about Grebban and what we could do for your business? Book an intro with Linda!

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