Norstedts' 200th Anniversary Logotype: The mark of a remarkable milestone

Napoleon had recently died, Dickens was years from his breakthrough and Tolstoy wasn’t even born. Many things have happened and changed during the last 200 years, but the Swedish book publisher Norstedts is still going strong. Earlier this year, Norstedts celebrated its 200th anniversary, with a new identity and an anniversary logotype created by Grebban.

In the early part of this year, Norstedts reached a remarkable milestone as it celebrated its 200th anniversary. Back in 1823, Per Adolf Norstedt laid the foundation for what would eventually become Sweden's oldest and most distinguished book publisher. Over the years, Norstedts has enriched our lives by publishing an extensive range of fiction and nonfiction across various genres, from poetry and thrillers to cookbooks and true crime.

As a part of the celebration, Grebban got the prestigious responsibility to design a logotype to enhance the wonderful anniversary. Olle Lidbom, Head of marketing and publicity at Norstedt, emphasized the creation of the anniversary logotype as one of the central concepts driving the essence of the celebration:

“We have a new visual identity and we asked our agency Grebban to create a logotype that would serve as the emblem of this celebration. It has been used across all mediums: it has been printed in our books, it was a big part of the concept for the anniversary party in Blå Hallen in Stockholm City Hall, and it was used in all digital communication during the year. It has never been any doubts about who the sender is, or how we should design our goodie bags – even the dessert at the anniversary dinner was decorated with the logotype.”

In 2022, Grebban launched a completely new visual identity, site & physical experience together with Norstedt – merging the best of Norstedt's legacy with contemporary influences



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