Grebban awarded for Best E-commerce Design 3 years in a row at Svenska Designpriset

Grebban has won "Best E-commerce Design" at Svenska Designpriset for 3 years in a row. See the case reels for all of them below!

Grebban has for the past ten years specialized in e-commerce design. With e-commerce design, we mean UX, UI, animation, module directory, digital design system, content, photo, video, digital identity and conversion optimization. Our ambition has always been sky-high - we want to be the best agency for e-commerce design in the world. For the past 3 years, we have won gold at Svenska Designpriset (Swedish Design Award) for "best e-commerce design". This is, of course, something we are immensely proud of! With efforts come results.

Sandqvist – 2020

Sandqvist was established in 2004 by three childhood friends and is now one of Sweden’s most loved brands regarding bags and accessories suitable for city and outdoor life. High functionality, minimalistic design, and a sustainable approach are the essence of Sandqvist’s products and the keywords for the e-commerce design. We created a timeless, worked-through design where products and images own the space.

“Consistently good execution of design wins in the long term. We are inspired and amazed by the elaborate, beautiful craftsmanship.” – Svenska Designpriset


Craft – 2021

For four decades, Craft has offered functional sportswear for all activities with a great passion for details - to help their customers perform at their best. As a part of their brand journey, they did a total digital transformation with a global e-commerce site designed by Grebban. We created a spectacular user experience with both brand and conversion in focus. An online flagship store for Craft, not just an e-commerce site.

“For an energized experience with bouncy animations that truly captures the characteristics of the products” – Svenska Designpriset


BYON – 2022

In the world of Scandinavian minimalism which is prominent among Scandinavian interior brands the identity of BYON is meant to stand out. A strong colour palette paired with functional colours and dynamic typography choices allows us to create many different expressions but at the same time maintain a cohesive brand experience. The mix between hard and soft expressions can be seen in the choices of typography, colour, wordmark, iconography and imagery. A playful identity that is credible and unique and ready for BYONs ongoing journey.

Byon's e-commerce design is challenging traditional ways of thinking in the same way as its colourful identity is challenging the minimalistic world of interior design - reflecting the brand in the best way possible. Grebban's work for Byon was not only awarded for best e-commerce design but also for best Visual Identity. It did also receive the prestigious "People's choice award"!

"With a tasteful boldness, Byon manages to find a totally unique visual expression that creates a desire to buy – through powerful base colors, simple but solid patterns, attractive imagery, and personal typography. Simple patterns and colors, exceptionally well put together, stand out and breathe joy, and pleasure. Together with attractive photos, it gives us a strong desire to buy in an industry where many get stuck in Nordic minimalism, marine vibes or just general expressionlessness." – Svenska Designpriset



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