E-commerce for boat accessories, meet serial entrepreneur Christoffer Tyrefors

Moory is changing the world of E-commerce within boat accessories. Meet one of the captains steering the ship, Christoffer Tyrefors, Co-CEO at Moory.

Hi Christoffer! What is your background and who are you?

Hi! I’ve been doing e-commerce since the beginning of time - or at least since I got my first job. I started as a warehouse worker, became a marketing manager, and later an E-commerce manager and since then I’ve been CEO of multiple e-commerce companies.

Tell us a little bit about Moory

Moory is the largest, most exciting, and nicest shop for everything boat owners need. We believe that customers should not settle for less than perfection - they want huge assortments, amazing help, and crazy fast deliveries. Please note that I don’t mention prices - even though we are attractive in price, we strongly believe this is not the biggest factor for end consumers when it comes to SÄLLANKÖPSVAROR. When you own a boat, you love it. It’s your best friend. You wanna treat it as such. When picking a restaurant for your 10th wedding anniversary, you don’t pick by price.

Why did you choose to partner up and let Grebban invest in Moory?

Grebban is the rare agency that knows both retail, design, and branding. Most others focus on only one, and I think that’s not the right way to think about it. Great looking design is not very often helping sales, great retail flows is not very often building a brand and great branding does not very often create sales. By always simultaneously working with these three elements, one can achieve great things. We strongly believe that Grebban does that.

Why do you value branding and e-commerce design so highly as an enabler for your success with Moory?

There might have been a time when an E-commerce company could survive on paid traffic. If so, these days are over. The only way to be profitable is to have a good chunk of returning customers (and organic traffic). While I think the most important when building an e-commerce brand is to deliver an amazing service, the design part of branding becomes more and more important every day. If you would ask 10 people where they bought last time online, most of them would probably say “Google” or “Internet” rather than the actual store. That is a really bad grade! We really believe that, with great design and a great branding effort, we can overcome that and create something the customers will love - and remember.

You've been working with e-commerce for a long time. What are some things people still underestimate when it comes to selling online?

The hard, boring, and repetitive work. PIM, creating more ads, creating more content, widening your assortment… that’s what matters. I think most, or all, that have been doing E-commerce for a long have learned this, but beginners tend to focus on all new cool and shiny tech services that can automate and simplify your work.

I also feel that the focus on customer happiness is a lot smaller in E-commerce companies than in retail. I really don’t know why - given that every visitor has a CPC attached, the customer is a lot more important in E-commerce than in retail.

Grebban is the rare agency that knows both retail, design, and branding. Most others focus on only one, and I think that’s not the right way to think about it.

Are there any trends or new opportunities within E-commerce that you are excited about?

I think that dropshipping and backorders are dying. This is good for the consumers - if you don’t carry stock you will deliver slowly, and you will have a hard time understanding your products (because you haven’t even seen them). Basically, customers want fast and simple experiences. For us that run E-commerce sites, this is very good.

Also - obviously, the tech is getting better and simpler every day. While I do not really think that AI will create amazing e-commerce, I do think that E-commerce needs great tech in some areas. Site search, payments, BI, CRM, etc are equally important as 10 years ago, but it’s 50x cheaper and simpler to implement.

What (non-fiction) book or article do you recommend Grebban's followers to read?

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey - given that you don’t work at a competitor of ours. If you do work at a competitor, I’d rather recommend any book from Thomas Erikson.

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