Building brand and increasing conversion: The importance of well-produced content in e-commerce

From driving organic traffic to nurturing brand loyalty and navigating the path to conversion, the strategic implementation of well-produced content plays an important role in your customer's online experience and for your brand to be at the top of their minds.

Since founding our e-commerce agency over a decade ago, we've held onto a simple belief: You shouldn't have to pick between conversion and brand. We're firm believers that great e-commerce succeeds when both aspects—conversion and brand—work together in symbioses.

While this philosophy should permeate the entirety of your e-commerce, we've observed numerous benefits from creating dedicated pages where these aspects converge, such as inspiration pages or a magazine.

Driving traffic to your site

One of the benefits of creating and posting articles on your e-commerce lies in its ability to draw organic traffic to your website. In fact, studies show that sites that are working continuously with articles generate up to 55% more visitors than sites that don't. This type of content can act as a torch, guiding users to your digital storefront and products.

However, striking a balance between optimizing for search algorithms and creating content for humans rather than machines is crucial. While the saying "content is king" holds true, it's the quality, not the quantity, that reigns supreme in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Both customers and search engines evaluate content by its quality and relevance. Inundating your site with copious articles won't guarantee visibility or traction – the focus should rather be on what’s relevant to your products, customers and brand.

“Studies show that sites that are working continuously with articles generate up to 55% more visitors than sites that don't.”

Increased conversions

While the primary focus of content may not always be about directly selling products, it's crucial to provide customers with a seamless pathway from inspiration to transaction. Studies show that a majority of worldwide consumers, nearly 80%, express their desire to transition swiftly from product inspiration to the actual purchase, reinforcing a concept of what's called “compressed commerce”.

For example, let us say your e-commerce offers crafting products. If you start promoting your products with expert advice or DIY guides you instantly, not only give your products context, but also build trust and resourcefulness which is sure to pay off in terms of increased conversion and returning customers.

Building your brand through content

In the competitive landscape of today's markets, having top-notch products or services is crucial, but without building brand loyalty, attracting and retaining customers becomes challenging. While publishing articles alone won't create brand loyalty, it's a vital part of the process. Consumers prefer to engage with brands they resonate with and believe in, a factor of particular significance for DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) brands.

Ultimately, building your brand through content is about more than just showcasing products – it's about creating meaningful connections, sharing your story, and establishing trust with your audience. There are countless ways to showcase your products and tell your brand's story. For instance, highlighting your environmental efforts, sharing your brand's history and digging deeper into how the products are made can deepen connections with your audience and boost loyalty.

"Investing in well-produced content is essential—it connects your brand to customers, driving sales growth and building relationships."

So, in conclusion, there are several important opportunities you’re missing out of by not actively working with content on your site:

  • Organic Traffic and SEO Benefits: Drive organic traffic and boost your site’s visibility and reach
  • New Customer Acquisition: Attract new customers to your site, expanding your customer base.
  • Brand Storytelling: Provide a platform to tell your brand story and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • Showcasing Your Expertise: Demonstrates your expertise in your field, building trust and credibility with your audience – always beeing customers top of mind.
  • Increased Order Value: Engaging content, such as guides, can influence customers to make larger purchases, increasing your average order value.
  • Product Insights and Value: Offer insights and in-depth information about your products, enhancing their perceived value and customer understanding.

In light of these advantages, investing in content is not just worthwhile—it's essential. It's the bridge that connects your brand to your existing and new audience, driving growth and fostering lasting relationships.

At Grebban, different kind of content strategies are always an important part in our projects. If you're unsure about how to begin your content journey or need assistance in implementing the idéas you already have we're here to help you. Let's enhance your customers online experience together!


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