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E-commerce Design audit by Grebban

Free E-commerce Design Audit (UX, UI, Brand etc.), worth over £2000. Delivery time 1-3 weeks, the results will be presented in a video meeting with Grebban. You will get a pdf with the audit after.

Why E-commerce Design might be the most underrated investment area in your business

E-commerce Design can change how brands are perceived, positioned, convert, engage and reactivate. We think most companies with an e-commerce site underinvest in this area. It is very common to pour loads of money into digital advertising, CRM and other traffic acquisition channels, but forget to have a great site where all this traffic ends up.

It is also the most important and often most significant brand platform. The only place where the brand can be fully explored, presented, positioned, explained and consumed. It’s the ultimate flagship store but also the most vital brand experience.

Let Grebban do an E-commerce Design Audit to see how your site and brand can be improved. E-commerce Platform and Tech Partner Agnostic. The audit will cover:

Brand Experience

Customer Journey

User Experience (UX)

User Interface (UI)

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