GrebCommerce is an accelerator from Grebban to build advanced, scalable and state of the art e-commerce architecture without starting from scratch.

  • Currently used by more than 15 D2C brands
  • Handling millions of orders per year.
  • Flexible and reusable


Makes it possible to reuse development paid-for and built by other GrebCommerce customers more easily

  • Still full flexibility and possible to have own developers working with Grebban, or change from us as agency and still be using it.
  • Two variants: 1. React & Wordpress, 2. Gatsby & Storyblok. Also possible to change CMS etc.
  • Makes it possible to lower the cost and risk of the initial project, to gain efficiency in development through reusage of all GC customers development and much more.

It's an architecture, not a platform.

Adopting and changing gradual over time.

  • Ready-made Centra integration, CMS setup and frontend framework
  • Ready-made integrations to many 3rd party services such as Voyado, Reclaimit, Testfreaks, Algolia etc
  • Get a really advanced and scalable solution for about 1/3 of doing it from scratch.

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